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名 次 姓 名 指 導
教 授
 題                                          目
得獎人 林彥佑 溫志宏
教 授
Effects of anti-inflammatory coral compound on osteoclast activity of rheumatoid arthritis on rat
第一名 李佩娟 溫志宏
教 授
Inhibition of spinal neuroinflammation contributes to the analgesic effects of PSZ and WCK compounds in a rat model of peripheral neuropathy
第一名 陳儀諭 廖志中
The Investigation of Antimicrobial and Siderophore- like Natural Products of Marine-derived Fungi, Trichodrrma spp. by LC-MS/MS and Molecular Networking Analysis
第二名 陳嘉妤 許志宏
教 授
Studies on the Secondary Metabolites from the Formosan red algal Laurencia tristicha
佳 作 陳惠如 溫志宏
教 授
Antineuroinflammatory and Analgesic Effects of a Marine-Derived Peptide, WPL, in Chronic-Constriction-Injury-Induced Neuropathic Rats
第一名 黃筠軒 杜昌益
教 授
Studies on the Secondary Metabolites from the Taiwanese Soft Coral Sarcophyton trocheliophorum
第二名 洪竹瑩 溫志宏
教 授
The Effects of Marine-derived Compounds on Skin Disorders: The therapies of barrier-restoring
第三名 溫小君 溫志宏
教 授
The whitening effects of edible green alga extracts
第三名 郭柏麟 溫志宏
教 授
Marine-derived compounds, VP83 and VP88, with neuroprotective effects against 6-OHDA-induced apoptosis in vitro and in vivo.
第三名 康孟淇 廖志中
The Investigation on Siderophore-like Anti-microbial Organic Compounds from Marine-derived Fungus Aspergillus sp.
佳 作 林庭瑄 林秀瑾
助 理
教 授
Larval cultivation of a marine fouling species, acorn barnacle Amphibalanus Amphitrite
鼓勵獎 羅翊維 溫志宏
教 授
The effects of Plastrum Testudinis on bone regeneration