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400 MHz超導核磁共振儀








Aside from the original providers of the equipment, this laboratory also provides facilities to groups from within and outside the school.

Instrument Model: Varian MR-400.

Functions and Specifications: This instrument is a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer equipped with a 9.39 tesla/400 MHz magnet. It is mainly used to test liquid NMR spectra, and it can perform 1D homonuclear experiments (1H spectra), 1D heteronuclear experiments (13C frequency spectra), and 2D experiments (COSY, NOESY, HSQC, HMBC, and so on).



User Affiliation

Daytime Use

Nighttime Use

(10 hours, 22:00-08:00)

National Sun Yat-sen University

$400 / hour / time

$3,000 / sample


$700 / hour / time 

$5,000 / sample

  Substitute samples $100 each; test tubes and solvent charged separately.


Location: Building of Department of Marine Biotechnology and Resources (DMBR), Room B4013

Contact: Advisor: Professor Chih-Chuang Liaw, Department of Marine Biotechnology and Resources

Contact Person (Manager):

TEL(07) 5252000 ext. 5058 / 5215



【Important Notes for Laboratory Usage】

● How to Apply

1. Qualifications: Must have attended the center’s operation lecture and be assessed as qualified. On-campus instructors and those in the marine biotechnology research group may send one student or assistant to apply for training. Once a person is approved, he/she may operate the instrument independently. Other students wishing to use the equipment must ask an approved person to use it for them.

2. Operation Lecture: Held irregularly by the center, usually once every academic year.

3. Technical Appraisal Procedure: Take a test within one to two weeks after the lecture. Those who fail the test will be unable to use the instrument.

4. Those who have attended the lecture and passed the test will be required to retake the test if they go more than two months without using the instrument.

● Usage Rules

1. Before using the instrument, fill out the “400 MHz NMR Spectrometer Application Form” with an honest declaration of the samples you will use.

2. Turning the instrument on or off is strictly prohibited. This must be done by the instrument manager.

3. After use, please follow the cleaning procedure to keep the instrument and control panel clean, then make a record in the logbook including the time and conditions of your usage.

4. If you experience any technical difficulties, please inform the manager. Do not attempt to troubleshoot the problem yourself. Anyone who damages the instrument through misuse will be required to pay the repair fee.

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