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Usage and Operation Rules

Application Procedure for DMBR Core Facilities Usage


Entrusted Operation

Carefully read “DMBR Core Facilities Usage Rules” and “Instrument Operation Rules”

Attend the Instrument Training Course and Operation Test (Course information will be announced on the DMBR Website accordingly.)

Applicant will be notified via email after assessment

Successful applicant must fill out
“DMBR Core Facilities Access and Instrument Usage Application Form”

(Unsuccessful applicant must attend the next training course and operation test)

Bring ID and Application Form to the DMBR Office to be granted access, and be able to reserve the instrument(s) online

Carefully read the instrument description and related charges for the Entrusted Operation Application

Fill out the Entrusted Operation Application Form, and send email to the instrument contact person

Applicant will be notified via email after assessment

Send samples to the instrument contact person and pay the fees

Retrieve the data and samples after test completion

Important Notes and Rules for Usage and Reservation:

 Users must attend the training course and pass the test to receive qualification before applying to operate the instrument independently; They will then be able to reserve the instrument online and be granted access.

 Available times for instrument reservation are listed on the “Online Instrument Reservation System”. Instruments may not be used without a reservation. Before making a reservation, check the latest news of DMBR Core Facilities to be sure the instrument is working properly.

 On-campus faculty and staff can sign in to the “Online Instrument Reservation System” with their NSYSU SSO account/password (students use Course Selection System account/password). It is not necessary to create a new account. After singing in for the first time, please click on the "Account Settings" link on the top of the page to fill in related information.

 Instrument operation training courses are usually held every academic year during the summer vacation. Experts will explain and demonstrate the correct way to operate each instrument. New users who need to operate the instrument but have been unable to attend the yearly training session should be accompanied by a certified user for at least 6 hours and then pass the operation test in order to obtain "temporary certified qualification," which will allow them to make reservations and operate instruments independently. "Temporary certified qualification" is valid until the date of the next educational training course.

 Priority to use instruments in the DMBR Core Facilities is as follows: 1. Management and maintenance; 2. Reservations; 3. Temporary applications.

 To cancel a reservation, please send an email to the administrative personnel (E-mail: varekai@mail.nsysu.edu.tw) 24 hours in advance.

 The following are rule violations. Users lose their reservation privileges after 3 violations:

(1) Failure to cancel 24 hours in advance when unable to use the facilities.

(2) Not using the instrument(s) within 30 minutes of the reserved start time, thus losing access for the duration of the reservation.

(3) Using another person’s allotted time.

(4) Allowing others to use one’s reserved time slot (this violation will be applied to both parties).

In the event of a rule violation, staff have the right to cancel the reservation and allow others to apply for temporary use of the facilities.

 Before using an instrument, ensure that it is clean and undamaged. If it is not, immediately inform the staff or professor responsible for the instrument. Failure to do so will result in the user being held responsible for any damage to the instrument.

 All users must fill out the usage register, providing an accurate account of their usage. Any irregularities occurring during usage must be reported to on-site staff or online.

 Remember to back up all files upon completion of the experiment. The Core Facilities are not responsible for the loss of any files, and staff will occasionally remove files from the Core Facilities computers.

 Core Facilities equipment may not be removed. After usage, please clean up the instrument and its surrounding environment.

 Seek out staff assistance with any questions regarding instrument operation. Never recklessly test out the instruments, lest they be damaged.

 If a user violates the instrument usage rules, laboratories staff will suspend the user according to the rules and inform his/her advising professor. In the event of damage to instruments caused by serious misuse, the user will be punished and required to provide compensation according to relevant university rules. In addition, the user will no longer be allowed to use any instruments in the Core Facilities.


◆◆◆◆◆If any of the rules are contradicted by the instructions for a particular instrument, the instrument instructions take precedence◆◆◆◆◆



Rules for Compensation in the Event of Instrument Misuse or Damage

1. Users must follow all rules contained in “Department of Marine Biotechnology and Resources Core Faciliteis Usage and Operation Methods.” Upon the first rule violation, a warning will be given; upon the second violation, usage privileges will be suspended for one month; and upon the third violation, usage privileges will be permanently revoked. If an instrument is damaged due to not following the rules, compensation must be provided according to the rules. Serious damage will result in a loss of usage privileges for one month, and any further incidence will result in a permanent ban. Any violation of the above rules will result in an immediate temporary suspension of usage privileges, and the Department will provide a rule violation record form to the user’s advising professor. Please sign and return the form to the Department Office. Suspension time will be calculated starting from the Department’s receipt of the signed form. Late submission of the form will cause the suspension time to be extended.

2. When a core facilities instrument is damaged by use, the manufacturer will provide an appraisal report, and the user and his/her advising professor must negotiate compensation with the Department Space and Valuable Instrument Committee. If negotiations are unsuccessful, the Committee will hold an extraordinary meeting with all relevant parties to clarify matters of liability and compensation.


Instrument Usage Fee Rules:

1. Fee Basis: Rules for Payment of DMBR Core Facilities Instrument Fees

2. Payment Time:

(1) Users operating instruments by themselves should pay before the time of the experiment.

(2) Users entrusting others to operate the instruments should pay after notification of assessment by the contact person. The experiment may be performed after the contact person has confirmed receipt of the payment.

3. Payment Method: Please proceed to the Payroll & Cashier Division’s Online Payment System (https://payment.nsysu.edu.tw/olprs70/). Click on “Make a Payment” and select “Department of Marine Biotechnology and Resources” under “Department.” After entering and submitting the payer’s information, print out the payment form pay either in cash or by ATM fund transfer (including payment via any branch of Bank of Taiwan, ATM fund transfer, online banking, or convenience store payment at 7-11, OK Mart, Family Mart, or Hi-Life).