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Department of Marine Biotechnology and Resources
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E-mail: mrrsaa@mail.nsysu.edu.tw
A(Molecular biology & Physiology)
 full name professional title  specialty/research
 Tse-Min Lee Distinguished Professor Plant and Algal Physiology
Algal Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Marine Macroalgal Ecology
 Zhi-Hong Wen

Distinguished Professor

Marine drugs development
Animal disease model (non-genetic) platform
Jin-Ching Lee Professor Drug development and mechanism studies of anti-hepatitis C virus and anti-dengue virus from natural products or small molecules.
 Shu-Fen Chiou Assistant Professor  Biochemistry and Molecular biology
 Liang-Chun (Mark) Wang Associate Professor
Host-Pathogen Interaction、Bacterial infection      mechanisms、Antibiotic resistance、Tissue           Microbiology
 Hsin-Yuan Tsai  Assistant Professor
 Functional Genetic Variants Discovery    
 Linear Mixed Model to Link the Association     Between  Genetic  Variants and Phenotypes
 Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS)
 Genomic Prediction and Solution (Breeding   Value) Estimation
 Jui-Yun Liao  Assistant Professor Proteome
Molecular chaperones
B(Biological Resources)
 full name professional title  specialty/research
 Hsiu-Chin Lin Professor Marine Biology, Molecular Evolution, Molecular Ecology
 Shang-Yin Vanson Liu Associate Professor Coral reef ecology, Invertebrate biology, Biodiversity and Phylogeography.

Mei-Fang Lin Assistant Professor Genomics, Transcriptomics, Evolution, Phylogenetics
C(Marine Chemistry& Natural Products Chemistry)
 full name professional title  specialty/research
 Chih-Chuang Liaw Professor  Natural Products Chemistry
 Jing-Ru Weng Professor  Drug discovery
 Signal transduction of cancer
 Natural Products Chemistry
 Medicinal Chemistry
 Yuan-Bin Cheng Professor and Chair
    Marine Invertebrate Natural Products 
    Marine Actinobacteria Natural Products

 I-Ming Lee

Assistant Professor

    Biochemistry,Biochemistry laboratory, Protein chemistry