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Payment Information


Instrument Usage Fee Rules:

1. Fee Basis: Rules for Payment of DMBR Core Facilities Instrument Fees

2. Payment Time:

(1) Users operating instruments by themselves should pay before the time of the experiment.

(2) Users entrusting others to operate the instruments should pay after notification of assessment by the contact person. The experiment may be performed after the contact person has confirmed receipt of the payment.

3. Payment Method: Please proceed to the Payroll & Cashier Division’s Online Payment System (https://payment.nsysu.edu.tw/olprs70/). Click on “Make a Payment” and select “Department of Marine Biotechnology and Resources” under “Department.” After entering and submitting the payer’s information, print out the payment form pay either in cash or by ATM fund transfer (including payment via any branch of Bank of Taiwan, ATM fund transfer, online banking, or convenience store payment at 7-11, OK Mart, Family Mart, or Hi-Life).