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Hsiu-Chin Lin Associate Professor

林秀瑾 副教授
Hsiu-Chin Lin, Associate Professor
Ph.D. (2009),
University of California San Diego


Email: hsiuchinlin@mail.nsysu.edu.tw


     Marine Biology, Molecular Evolution, Molecular Ecology
海洋生物科技暨資源學系大學部開設課程 103/8/4
年級 科目名稱 學分數 學期/學年 必/選 授課教師
普通生物學及實驗 3+1 學年 林秀瑾
海洋生物學概論 2 學期 林秀瑾
魚類學及實驗 2+1 學期 林秀瑾
海洋生物多樣性及保育 2 學期 林秀瑾

海洋生物科技暨資源學系碩士班開設課程 103/8/4
年級 科目名稱 學分數 學期/學年 必/選 授課教師
碩一 水生生態專題研究(ㄧ) 2 學期 林秀瑾
碩一 海洋生物多樣性導論 2 學期 林秀瑾




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2. Lin, H.-C., Y. H. Wong, L. M. Tsang, K. H. Chu, P.-Y. Qian, and B. K. K. Chan. 2014. First study on gene expression of cement proteins and potential adhesion-related genes of a membranous-based barnacle as revealed from Next-Generation Sequencing technology. Biofouling 30 (2): 169-181.
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5. Chen, Y.-Y., H.-C. Lin, B. K. K. Chan. 2012. Description of a new species of coral-inhabiting barnacle, Darwiniella angularis sp. n. (Cirripedia, Pyrgomatidae) from Taiwan. ZooKeys 214: 43-74.
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9. Lin, H.-C., C. Sánchez-Ortiz, and P. A. Hastings. 2009. Colour variation is incongruent with mitochondrial lineages: Cryptic speciation and subsequent diversification in a Gulf of California reef fish (Teleostei: Blennioidei). Molecular Ecology 18: 2476-2488.
10. Lin, H.-C., N. D. Holland, and L. Z. Holland. 2006. Expression of the AmphiTcf gene in amphioxus: Insights into the evolution TCF/LEF gene family during vertebrate evolution. Developmental dynamics 235(12): 3396-403.




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