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Jyh-Horng Sheu Professor

Jyh-Horng Sheu, Professor

Ph.D.(1985), University of California, San Diego


*海洋資源學系教 授(1992起)
 Associate Professor,1985.8

Synthesis of Bioacctive Natural Products, Structure modification of natural Products,
Chemistry of Marine natural Products
Important awards
80 school year,《University research merit award》


A. Journal Papers: 
1. Chen, B.-W.; Uvarani, C.; Huang, C.-Y.; Hwang, T.-L.; Dai, C.-F.; Sheu, J.-H.* (2015/01) “New Anti-Inflammatory Tocopherol-Derived Metabolites from the Taiwanese Soft Coral Cladiella hirsuta” Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 25, 92–95.
2. Fang H.-Y.; Uvarani, C.; Chiou, S.-F.; Hwang, T.-L.; Chen, S.-L. ; Su, J.-H.; Wang, W.-L. ; Sheu, J.-H.;* (2015/01)“Bioactive Chemical Constituents from the Brown Aga Homoeostrichus formosana” Int. J. Mol. Sci. 16, 736–746.
3. Lin, S.-W.; Huang, S.-C.; Kuo, H.-M.; Chen, C.-H.; Ma, Y.-L.; Chu, T.-H.; Bee, Y.-S.; Wang, E-M.; Wen, Z.-H.; Sheu, J.-H.*; Tai, M.-H.* (2015/02) “Coral-derived Compound WA-25 Inhibits Angiogenesis by Attenuating VEGF/VEGFR2 Signaling Pathway” Mar. Drugs 13, 861–878.
4. Su, Y.-D.; Su, T.-R.; Wen, Z.-H.; Hwang, T.-L.; Fang, L.-S.; Chen, J.-J.; Wu, Y.-C.; Sheu, J.-H.*; Sung, P.-J.*(2015/02) “Briarenolides K and L, New Anti-inflammatory Briarane Diterpenoids from an Octocoral Briareum sp. (Briareidae)” Mar. Drugs 13, 1037–1050.
5. Tsai, C.-R., Huang, C.-Y., Chen, B.-W.; Tsai, Y.-Y.; Shih, S.-P.; Hwang, T.-L.; Dai, C.-F.; Wan, S.-Y. Sheu, J.-H.* (2015/05) “New Bioactive Steroids from the Soft Coral Klyxum flaccidum” RSC Adv., 5, 12546–12554.
6. Huang, T.-Z.; Chen, B.-W.; Huang, C.-Y.; Hwang, T.-L.; Uvarani, C.; Dai, C.-F.; Sung, P.-J.; Su, J.-H.; Sheu, J.-H.* (2015/05) “Eunicellin-Based Diterpenoids, Hirsutalins S–V, from the Formosan Soft Coral Cladiella hirsuta Mar. Drugs 13, 2757–2769.
7. Wei, W.-C.; Liu, C.-P.; Yang, W.-C.; Shyur, L.-F.; Sheu, J.-H.; Chen, S.-S.; Yang, N.-S.* (2015/06) “Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Complex 2 (mTORC2) Regulates LPS-Induced Expression of IL-12 and IL-23 in Human Dendritic Cells” J. Leukoc. Biol. 97, 1071–1080.
8. Chao, C.-H.; Huang, T.-Z.; Wu, C.-Y.; Chen, B.-W.; Huang, C.-Y.; Hwang, T.-L.; Dai, C.-F. Sheu, J.-H.* “Steroidal and α-Tocopherylhydroquinone Glycosides from two Soft Corals Cladiella hirsuta and Sinularia nanolobataRSC Adv. (revised)
9. Chen, B.-W.; Chen, Y.-Y.; Lin, Y.-C.; Huang, C.-Y.; Uvarani, C.; Hwang, T.-L.; Chiang, M. Y.; Liu, H.-Y.; Sheu, J.-H.* “Capsisteroids A–F, Withanolides from the Leaves of Solanum capsicoidesRSC Adv. (revised)
10. Wu, S.-Y. S.; Wang, H.-M. D.; Wen, Y.-S.; Liu, W.; Li, P.-H.; Chiu, C.-C.; Chen, P.-J.; Huang, C.-Y.; Sheu, J.-H.*; Wen, Z.-H.* “4-(Phenylsulfanyl)butan-2-one Suppresses Melanin Synthesis and Melanosome Maturation in Vitro and in Vivo Int. J. Mol. Sci. (revised)

執行之研究計劃(research projects):
1. 海洋天然物及衍生物生物活性之研究及開發利用(104-2320-B-110-001-MY2) 2015/08/01-2017/07/31
2. 軟珊瑚Lobophytum variumSarcophyton stellatumSarcophyton ehrenbergi,海綿Hippospongia sp.及Hyrtios sp.,和海藻Laurencia tritichaScinaia sp. 之活性天然物的探討(1/3)(104-2113-M-110-006-) 2015/08/01-2016/07/31
3. 軟珊瑚所含新天然物的研究開發(102-2113-M-110-001-MY2) 2013/08/01-2015/07/31
4. 養殖型軟珊瑚Sarcophyton crassocaule與野生型軟珊瑚Umbellifera petasites化學成分和生物活性之研究(102-2628-B-110-002-MY2) 2013/08/01-2015/07/31
5. 台灣軟珊瑚之新天然物及生物活性的探討(100-2320-B-110-001-MY2) 2011/08/01-2013/07/31
6. 台灣海域八種軟珊瑚所含活性天然物的研究及探討相關衍生物的合成和生物活性(98-2113-M-110-002-MY3) 2009/08/01-2012/08/31




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