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Wei-Hsien Wang Professor

王維賢 教授
Wei-Hsien Wang, Professor

Ph.D.(1984),University of California, San Diego

*海洋資源學系教 授(1993起)
 Associate Professor,1985.8

Marine Organic Chemistry, Marine Photochemistry, Marine Pollution
Important awards
88 school year,《excellent teacher》


A. Journal Papers: 
1. Su, Jui-Hsin; Lu, Yi; Lin, Wan-Yu; Wang, Wei-Hsien; Sung, Ping-Jyun; Sheu, Jyh-Horng, A Cembranoid, Trocheliophorol, from the Cultured Soft Coral Sarcophyton trocheliophorum. CHEMISTRY LETTERS , 2010, 39, (3), 172-173.
2. Chang, Chui-Shiang; Wang, Wei-Hsien; Tsai, Chin-En, Simultaneous Determination of 18 Quinolone Residues in Marine and Livestock Products by Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry. JOURNAL OF FOOD AND DRUG ANALYSIS , 2010, 18, (2), 87-97.
3. Su, Jui-Hsin; Chen, Bo-Yuan; Hwang, Tsong-Long; Chen, Yung-Husan; Huang, I-Chu; Lin, Mei-Ru; Chen, Jih-Jung; Fang, Lee-Shing; Wang, Wei-Hsien; Li, Jan-Jung; Sheu, Jyh-Horng; Sung, Ping-Jyun, Excavatoids L-N, New 12-Hydroxybriaranes from the Cultured Octocoral Briareum excavatum (Briareidae). CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL BULLETIN , 2010, 58, (5), 662-665.
4. Chung, Hsu-Ming; Chen, Yung-Husan; Hwang, Tsong-Long; Chuang, Li-Fan; Wang, Wei-Hsien; Sung, Ping-Jyun, Rumphellclovane A, a novel clovane-related sesquiterpenoid from the gorgonian coral Rumphella antipathies. TETRAHEDRON LETTERS , 2010, 51, (20), 2734-2736.
5. Chao, Chih-Hua; Huang, Ho-Cheng; Wang, Guey-Horng; Wen, Zhi-Hong; Wang, Wei-Hsien; Chen, I-Ming; Sheu, Jyh-Horng, Chlorosulfolipids and the Corresponding Alcohols from the Octocoral Dendronephthya griffini. CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL BULLETIN , 2010, 58, (7), 944-946.
6. Liu, Chih-Yang; Hwang, Tsong-Long; Lin, Mei-Ru; Chen, Yung-Husan; Chang, Yu-Chia; Fang, Lee-Shing; Wang, Wei-Hsien; Wu, Yang-Chang; Sung, Ping-Jyun, Carijoside A, a Bioactive Sterol Glycoside from an Octocoral Carijoa sp (Clavulariidae). MARINE DRUGS , 2010, 8, (7), 2014-2020.
7. Tang, Chuan-Ho; Hsu, Chi-Hsin; Wang, Wei-Hsien, Butyltin accumulation in marine bivalves under field conditions in Taiwan. MARINE ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH , 2010, 70, (2), 125-132.
8. Sung, Ping-Jyun; Wang, Su-Hui; Chang, Yu-Chia; Chen, Yung-Husan; Lin, Mei-Ru; Huang, I-Chu; Chen, Jih-Jung; Li, Jan-Jung; Kung, Ting-Hsuan; Fang, Lee-Shing; Wang, Wei-Hsien; Weng, Ching-Feng, New Briarane-Related Diterpenoids from the Sea Whip Gorgonian Coral Junceella fragilis (Ellisellidae). BULLETIN OF THE CHEMICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN , 2010, 83, (9), 1074-1078.
9. Chung, Hsu-Ming; Chen, Yung-Husan; Lin, Mei-Ru; Su, Jui-Hsin; Wang, Wei-Hsien; Sung, Ping-Jyun, Rumphellaone A, a novel caryophyllane-related derivative from the gorgonian coral Rumphella antipathies. TETRAHEDRON LETTERS , 2010, 51, (46), 6025-6027.
10. Chen, Yung-Husan; Tai, Chia-Ying; Hwang, Tsong-Long; Weng, Ching-Feng; Li, Jan-Jung; Fang, Lee-Shing; Wang, Wei-Hsien; Wu, Yang-Chang; Sung, Ping-Jyun, Cladielloides A and B: New Eunicellin-Type Diterpenoids from an Indonesian Octocoral Cladiella sp.. MARINE DRUGS , 2010, 8, (12), 2936-2945.


執行之研究計劃(research projects):
1. 建立海水中新興汙染物快速分析方法並應用於探討恆春半島沿岸海域新興汙染物之時空分布(MOST 103-2113-M-110-008) 2014/08/01~2015/07/31
2. 人為持久性有機化學物質在海洋浮游生物之累積及食階傳遞及高雄沿岸海域烷基苯酚聚乙氧基醇衍生物流佈與生物累積之研究(NSC 101-2611-M-259-001) 2012/08/01~2013/07/31
3. 高雄沿岸海域烷基苯酚聚乙氧基醇衍生物流佈與生物累積之研究(Ⅱ) (NSC 100-2611-M-110-007) 2011/08/01~2012/07/31
4. 應用「煉鋼副產品-鈣化石」營造海洋牧場先期試驗-鈣化石對水體生物群聚發展影響試驗,中鋼公司,2015/04/01~2016/03/31
5. 彰濱工業區整體開發規劃調查研究(103年度)-海域生態調查研究 2014/01/01~2014/12/31
6. 彰濱工業區整體開發規劃調查研究(102年度)-海域生態調查研究 2013/01/01~2013/12/31
7. 彰濱工業區整體開發規劃調查研究(101年度)-海域生態調查研究 2012/01/01~2012/12/31




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