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MBR Seawater and Freshwater Aquaculture Room


Equipment Description

Recirculating sea water aquarium system

Function: The three-stage precision filtration system provides pure sea water, transmits it to the modular aquarium with a booster pump, and then recirculates it via the life support unit, supplying oxygen with two silent air pumps.

Model: See the following items for all accessories.

(1)Three-stage precision filter

  • 10/5/1 μm filters
  • UV sterilizer
  • Water filtration booster pump
  • Automatic control loop switch

(2)1/2HP seawater-resistant booster pump

(3)Modular three-layer aquarium

  • 90-liter tank: FRP+ tempered glass; dimensions: 60*48*52cm
  • All-plastic framework; dimensions: 226*60*192cm
  • Tubing for inlet/outlet and air supply
  • Vent pipe, control knob, airstone, etc.
  • Multifunctional devices

Circulation: loop filter with overflow and sump drain functions

Flow: Independent water supplementing and draining device (with overflow and low-drainage functions)

Medicine dip/bath: supplements and drains water separately from the water circulation system

(4)Life support unit

  • All-plastic filter tank; 120*75*68cm
  • Fiberglass biotrickling filter tank
  • Protein skimmer FS-220 (including 1/4HP motor)
  • UV sterilizer (80W)
  • SCP-1 system control box
  • 1/2HP circulator pump
  • Automatic float valve
  • Biofilter material and other tubing

(5)Silent air pumps x2 (150L/110V)

Type A, 700L, 1 set Type B, 300L, 6 sets Type C, 69L, 12 sets
700 300 69
Type D, 90L, 12 sets Type E, 156L, 8 sets Fiberglass biotrickling filter tank
90L 156 過濾槽


  1. Precision seawater filtration
  2. Marine aquaculture experiments

In addition to providing services to the original providers of the instrument, this laboratory is also open to on- and off-campus groups.


  1. Precision seawater filtration: $50/10L
  2. Marine aquaculture experiments

On-campus users



Entrusted Operation


Off-campus users

Entrusted Operation


Allocation of Proceeds:

  1. In accordance with relevant provisions, 20% of the total amount shall be for the university’s management fee, with the remaining 80% going to the service provider.
  2. All proceeds from services rendered to on-campus groups shall be allocated to the laboratory; the university’s management fee shall be waived.

Hours of Operation

The laboratory is open from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If entry during the weekend or another time outside of the hours of operation, an application must be made to the management staff in advance.

Contact Information

Zhi-Ling Huang

TEL:(07) 525-2000 ext 5023



Relevant Forms

海資系海水及淡水養殖室使用申請表|NSYSU DMBR Seawater/Freshwater Aquaculture Lab Usage Application Form