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Shu-Fen Chiou Assistant Professor

Shu-Fen Chiou, Assistant Professor

PhD.(2009)University of National Sun Yat-sen

 Assistant Professor,2010.8
 Assistant Professor,1995.8
 Teaching Assistant,1985.8


Biochemistry and Molecular biology
Important awards
93 school year,《excellent teacher》


A. Journal Papers: 
1. Fang, H.-Y.; Uvarani, C.; Chiou, S.-F.;; Wen, Z.-H.; Hsu, C.-H.; Wu, Y.-C., Wang, W.-L.; Sheu, J.-H (2015, Jan). Bioactive chemical constituents from the brown alga Homoeostrichus formosana. Int. J. Mol. Sci., 16,736-746. (SCI).
2. Fang,H.-Y.; Chiou, S.-F.; Uvarani, C.; Wen, Z.-H.; Hsu, C.-H.; Wu, Y.-C., Wang, W.-L.; Liaw, C.-C.; Sheu, J.-H. (2014, Nov). Cytotoxic, Anti-inflammatory, and Antibacterial Sulfur-Containing Polybromoindoles from the Formosan Red Alga Laurencia brongniartii.. Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn, 87,1278-1280. (SCI).
3. Cheng SY, Shih NL, Chuang CT, Chiou SF, Yang CN, Wang SK, Duh CY. (2014, Mar). Sinugyrosanolide A, an unprecedented C-4 norcembranoid, from the Formosan soft coral Sinularia gyrosa.. Med. Chem. Lett., 24(6) ,1562-1564. (SCI).
4. Cheng SY, Chuang CT, Wang SK, Wen ZH, Chiou SF, Hsu CH, Dai CF, Duh CY (2010, Jun). Antiviral and Anti-inflammatory Diterpenoids from the Soft Coral Sinularia gyrosa.. J. Nat. Prod, 73期,P. 1184-P.1187.. (SCI).
5. Cheng SY, Chuang CT, Wen ZH, Wang SK, Chiou SF, Hsu CH, Dai CF, Duh CY. (2010, May). Bioactive norditerpenoids from the soft coral Sinularia gyrosa.. Bioorgan. Med. Chem., 18期,P. 3379-P.3386. (SCI).
6. Chiou SF, Kuo JM, Wong TY, Fan TY, Tewc KS, Liu JK. (2010, May). Analysis of the coral associated bacterial community structures in healthy and diseased corals from off-shore of southern Taiwan. J. Environ. Sci. Health Part B, 45,P.408-P.415. (SCI).
7. Cheng SY, Wang SK, Chiou SF, Dai CF, Chiang MY, Duh CY. (2010, Feb). Cembranoids from the Octocoral Sarcophyton ehrenbergi .. J. Nat. Prod., 73 期,P.197-P.203. . (SCI).
8. Cheng SY, Wen ZH, Chiou SF, Hsu CH, Wang SK, Dai CF, Duh CY. (2009, Jun). Anti-inflammatory cembranolides from the soft coral Lobophytum durum. Bioorgan. Med. Chem., 17期,P.3763-P.3769. (SCI).
9. Cheng SY, Wen ZH, Chiou SF, Tsai CW, Wang SK, Hsu CH, Dai CF, Chiang MY, Wang WH, Duh CY. (2009, Mar). Ceramide and Cerebrosides from the Octocoral Sarcophyton ehrenbergi.. J. Nat. Prod., 72期,P. 465-P.468. (SCI).
10. Cheng SY, Huang YC, Wen ZH, Chiou SF, Wang SK, Hsu CH, Dai CF, Duh CY (2009, Feb). Novel sesquiterpenes and norergosterol from the soft corals Nephthea erecta and N. chabroli. Tetrahedron Letters, 50期,P.802-P.806. (SCI).




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